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IPR Window Causing Spinning Ball on Mac?

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IPR Window Causing Spinning Ball on Mac?

Just installed Cinema 4D r19 and installed the latest version of Arnold, both tonight. Upon opening Cinema everything is fine- until I call up the IPR window. I immediately get the spinning ball (I'm on a Mac) and can't do anything. It just hangs up indefinitely. I've restarted C4D numerous times, rebooted, trashed the prefs, all to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Does it happen in an empty scene as well? Do other parts of the plugin work (e.g. Light Manager window)? What's your R19 version exactly?

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Hi Peter, thank you for your reply. It happens in both an empty scene as well as a working scene. Everything else seems to be working fine, including the Light Manager window. I'm using C4D r19.024

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Also- I'm using Arnold which uses IPR Window v2.2.3

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One more question, do you have the same issue with C4DtoA 2.2.2?

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I haven't used 2.2.2, this version is the first version I've downloaded.

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But could you try to install 2.2.2? There was a change in 2.2.3 related to the IPR window, I wonder if that's causing the trouble.

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I'm in contact with Arnold support and have just asked them to provide a link to a previous version's installation file. Thank you again for your help.

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