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Bug with Toon Render/Clip_Geo

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Bug with Toon Render/Clip_Geo

I noticed that when using a clip_geo object in combination with a toon shader the clipped area in fills in with black. I had others on different machines verify and was advised to share here. Using 3.2.0 on r23 and/or r21. Thanks!

When moving the object:


When releasing the object and letting Arnold resolve the scene:2.jpg

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in reply to: mgase

Have you tried disabling receive shadows for the clipping sphere?


Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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in reply to: mgase

Yup I have both of the receive/self shadows disabled. I had not opened this for a few days, just opened and now it is working perfectly??? I'll take it.

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in reply to: mgase

Hello Lee Griggs!


we use cinema4d on Mac in combination with the Arnold-Renderer c4dtoa - we love it!

Especially the clip_geo is brilliant!


Unfortunately we are now facing some problems when combining the clip_geo- and the toon-shader:

Whenever the clipping_object is positioned close to a "shadow-receiving-object" (with the toon_shader applied), "tiling artifacts" occur in the shadow.  (see in the middle of the .mp4)



We have read the comments in the c4dtoa-user-guide:

  • Self-intersecting geometry or intersecting clipping objects can cause artifacts.
  • Open objects may cause unwanted clipping (should be as watertight as possible).

For this reason, we simplified the scene with „c4d-primitives“ like cubes and tried it again: the same artifacts occurred.



We already contacted Autodesk - due to the fact that Arnold is becoming part of Autodesk - but they do not seem to be that much interested in helping us.


Maybe you can help us?

We would very much appreciate your support!



Marcel Ruch

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in reply to: MarcelRuchArc

Hi Marcel,

I would suggest making a new post for this since it looks like a new problem. That will also help ensure it gets seen by folks who weren't already following this thread.


In any case, I created an internal ticket ARNOLD-12281 with your reported problem.

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