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Any tips for realism

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Any tips for realism

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips to achieving realistic render results in Arnold

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Replicate real life details on the shaders and model things correctly and detailed enough.

Then any light, except pure uniform skylight will look realistic. ( destruction of highlights )

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  1. One thing I try to do is "grunge it up" a little bit; if you use super-clean procedural textures, try adding some scratches, dirt, smudges etc. Few surfaces are perfect!
  2. Also, if you have many objects, take the time to add some noise in rotation, scale, location. It will work wonders, especially if you have reflective materials. Having everything at perfect 90 (or 45) degree angles looks really fake.
  3. If you have many similar objects, take the time to create a few unique textures and add them individually. Even if you have 10 similar ball-bearings, it will look much better with 3-4 unique versions of stainless steel.
  4. Don't forget to randomly rotate bolts! That's a dead give-away when people model hard-surface stuff. 🙂
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sorry wrong post

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thanks a lot 🙂

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What sort of thing are you trying to achieve? Realistic lighting, shaders?

I recommend going through Arvid Schneiders videos. They are Maya but the shading/lighting nodes are the same in C4DtoA.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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thank you @leegriggs all ways saving lives 🙂

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