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Rendering with Arnold in CINEMA 4D using the C4DtoA plug-in.
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C4DtoA gpu blue screen render when ao

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C4DtoA gpu blue screen render when ao

Hi Forum,

GPU renders blue in my project and it's hard to tell why, please help!

The Console shows a few errors on cpu and gpu too, the only difference is this line:

C4DtoA | 00:00:01 2032MB WARNING| [gpu] Empirical SSS unsupported on GPU, switching to randomwalk in shader /k__d|standard_surface

I doubt this would be the real problem tho. Issues started when I begin adding details to the wall texture you see here, specifically when this ao node and the noise feeding it were started being customised.

The walls are the insides of a cube. I recently started working with Arnold so I don't know so much what things to look out for that could cause problems.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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New info, It happennes when displacement and AO is used at the same time.

C4DtoA | 00:04:33 7149MB ERROR| [gpu] an error happened during rendering : Unknown error (Details: Function "_rtContextLaunch2D" caught exception: Encountered a CUDA error: cudaDriver().CuEventSynchronize( m_event ) returned (700): Illegal address)

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Thanks, I could reproduce the issue. Seems like a bug in the GPU render, we're looking into it.

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It happenned with curvature map too, is there an alternative way around it maybe?

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It's actually an issue with shaders tracing rays in displacement context. Those, like curvature, are currently not supported, as discussed here.

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Thanks Peter!

Since I was using ao, a work around is to bake the texture, when Arnold doesn't crash rendering it. For texture baking, switch to gpu in render settings, it is 30x faster (I assumed that texture baking works somehow independent of render settings, but no)!

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