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RFI Detail report in ACC Build - print more than 50 RFIs in one instance

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RFI Detail report in ACC Build - print more than 50 RFIs in one instance

Currently, the RFI Detail Report in ACC Build only prints the first 50 RFIs that meet the filter criteria.


It would be better to be able to print ALL RFIs that meet the criteria. The parameters could still be defaulted to 50, but the user should be able to increase that number.

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HI lhowerbates,

Yes currently when you are in the RFI tool you can only see 50 RFI's at a time in the table (with or without filters), however if you chose to export from there you can create a summary RFI report which may include more than 50. Or navigate to the Reports tool and create a filtered report and choose either Summary or Details RFI report which will print more than 50 RFI's if that many meet your parameters. If this is not what you are experiencing, you should open a support ticket. Or if I misinterpreted your question let me know.





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Thanks - I already have suggested this through a ticket, but thought I would also post here to see if others are interested in having the detail report exceed 50 RFIs.

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