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Drone Pod design Errors Lofting

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Drone Pod design Errors Lofting

hello! im finally back to drone design and i cant fix this loft theres just no option i tried using a new plane but it didnt work.. can you guys fix this for me ? also if possible add the excisting 4 mirrored Holder on the sides i cant figure out that either, i havent been designing since 2022 so its hard to solve things now. and please tell me how you did it!


edit cleaned it up and sorted the timeline and drawings and realised it was a really messy drawing when i once thought it was not... most of the things i didnt know why i did like i did.. please look at it and feel free to give some critisicm!

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in reply to: oystein.l.l

Have you adjusted for torque on the motor mount? Ie when the motor/rotor spins, it creates torque one way, so on most airplane models you tilt the motor mount a few degrees to counter that... Should apply to this too, since it’s single rotor, and ‘odd’ number of motors, so not canceling it out...

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