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Remove the 'One of more objects are currently Isolated' pop up dialogue box on opening a file

Remove the 'One of more objects are currently Isolated' pop up dialogue box on opening a file

This is unnecessary when opening a file:



Informing you about something being isolated isn't something I need to know when opening a file and it slows the whole process down. The highlighted isolated button is more than enough.


Yep, more evidence that no-one from autodesk tests their software, this has been like this forever as well.


Hello @jibijib ,


Your feedback has been shared with the dev team for review.


Thank you, and have a nice day! 


Can we add this in as well - "Missing External Files". I don't know if anyone finds this useful, but I'm pretty sure nobody does. It's just a speed-bump and every time you load a file (especially one you get from someone else), this will appear. Just make it a persistent option in preferences to turn these warnings off.





I don't mind the popup that much. What is annoying is that the scene doesn't load until I click it - scene should load in the bg.


Yes, but, ask yourself why have it in the first place? It's amaterurish and a relic from probably over 20 years. It causes you to have to click on it before opening up the rest of the file, why would you think this is useful?


Perhaps another issue, but what is "relic" with the Missing External Files is that clicking "Browse" doesn't let you pick correct paths to individual files, but is what most users expects from such a button. In that sense the Missing External Files dialog is pretty useless, and there just as well be a dumb messagebox informing you of missing file paths. Same functionality.


But back on point, in my opinion there should be a preferences section somewhere that lets you decide default behaviour for common prompts and messages.


For example, we already have the Display Topology-Dependence Warning and Display Stack Collapse Warning settings under Preferences. So the user is allowed to choose whether to receive these warnings or not.


Why not add more settings that allows the user to choose whether to view certain common popup messages and dialogs, or default actions taken in common situations? For example (including the ones already talked about):

• Whether "One or more objects are currently Isolated" message should be shown on scene load.

• Whether "Missing External Files" should be displayed on scene load.

• What default action should taken for you (instead of prompting) when there is a mismatch of system units on scene new/reset/load.

• What default action should taken for you (instead of prompting) when there is a mismatch of system units on scene referencing (merging and Xref).


Especially when Xrefing mismatching scene units you will currently be prompted for every single Xref record in your scene when loading it, and there is no way to skip any of these prompts. It means that if you have hundred mismatching Xrefs in your scene you will need to click "OK" on hundred prompts.


Yes, there is sometimes a point in working with different scene units, especially when you have small objects (created with smaller system units) that are placed in a large scene (created with larger system units). The current system works against that workflow by creating a huge annoyance. In 99% of the cases you wish sizes to be consistent between the files, ie. a 1000mm cube made with mm should be 1m in the main scene using m, and so on.


All these settings should of course be set to prompt the user by default, but let the experienced user decide default actions for common procedures and whether not to show common prompts. Perhaps such options can be looked upon as insignificant, but for users who need to deal with these things on a regular basis it would make 3ds max a much more fun tool to work with.


I think I've opened tens of thousands of max scenes in my life by now - it's a small thing, but having these two pop ups every time you do that just starts grating after a while. I understand the missing bitmap thing, as I just usually click 'remove all' (I'm not sure this actually still works) and that's it. I wish it wasn't there though as it's something I don't want to be alerted to whenever I open a max file.

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