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Quickslice drastically needs improving

Quickslice drastically needs improving

There has been an inconsistancy with the quickslice tool since it was introduced:


1) It seems to initially 'snap' to horizontal when you use it, but cutting vertically is incredibly difficult, the sensitivity to get it to go in one direction just doesn't work,

2) using snap doesn't work as it should. If you want to snap to start the quickslice on a vertex, you're left to choose a completely unguided direction,

3) it doesn't seem to know when you have finished using quickslice - sometimes the quickslice stays there, and sometimes it disappears. Sometimes it stays there visibly, but it isn't actually there, and disappears when you rotate the camera.



It feels like it was an idea, implemented, but abandoned 50% of the way through, but put in anyway.


In my opinion, SHIFT should snap to a either UP or across by moving the mouse in that direction

The axis constraints should also be able to contrain to a direction, until SHIFT is released.


I use quickslice all the time and it is so useful, but it's so limited in it's current form.




I would find it very useful if Quickslice would snap to configurable discreet angles while holding SHIFT, just like how it's possible to configure and snap to discreet angles when drawing lines in 2024/2025.


Agreed, Quickslice and also cut are both very poorly implemented, not sure why it's so difficult myself, we are talking basic meshes or polys, how hard can it be to get this working consistently and intuitively?


Just wanted to add something on the last bit where you want to finalise the Quickslice operation - currently you set the quickslice and then have to click two or three times to complete it. Can you not just position the quickslice line, and then press the mouse button once to finalise it? It doesn't make any sense to have to sometimes have to make further mouse clicks as they all do the same thing, right clicking to exit the tool is good, but sometimes you have to reconfirm the QS operation.


The QS should be freeform until you hold down SHIFT - in this case it would snap vertically, horizontally and diagonally depending on which direction the mouse is moved. Thanks


Agreed, I could write a list of over 200 UI improvements which should of been done 10 years ago, this is one of them.

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