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Helpful naming of copied maps and dropped bitmaps in SME

Helpful naming of copied maps and dropped bitmaps in SME

I suggest the following:


1. When copying maps and materials, it should behave more similarly to when copying objects. That it doesn't resat all naming to map #1927813674263, but instead has the same name or appends a 01, 02 etc.

So shift-dragging a map named "BaseCol Mix" would be copied as "BaseCol Mix 01".


2. When drag-n-dropping bitmaps on SME, it should name the map the filename of the bitmap. So instead of "Map #8945734589734589" it gets named "Wood_Normal.png" for example.


Quality of life, 4 lyfe! Please make it happen! 😄


Also having the node automatically expand horisontally to show the entire name would be nice.



This can be scripted so the possibility is already there. However, I strongly agree that this type of functionality should be made native so that users don't need to rely on third-party solutions. It would make life easier in Slate.

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