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Add "Cache" button in the Substitute modifier

Add "Cache" button in the Substitute modifier

Substitute modifier can hold mesh data in itself.

It also can automatically disable thew below stack without changing any enable/disable modifier option by user.


All we need is a button to snapshot the incoming stack result(either mesh/poly) of Substitute modifier and use as Substitute mesh.



Nice idea for the Cache button. +1


I'd like to see a list box dialog as well.  Where we can select multiple meshes and control which subsitute we need by using an index value. This way one substitue modifier can contain multiple meshes/variations of the same mesh. 


Also right now the substitute is a live connection to your picked mesh. Would be nice to have an option to have a static/baked/snapshot (however you want to call it) substitute as well. 


Substitutes a cool modifier just wish it had more capabilities. 


Just curious, how is this better than the Point Cache modifier?


Just curious: how is this different from the Point Cache modifier?

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