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Search All Except File/ Folder Path

Search All Except File/ Folder Path


To have the option, temporarily and/or permanently, to search for any characters from any search field, which would not use Folder Path as a criteria.



If the searched characters appear in the project folder path, then every file and folder in the project(s) will appear in the results. This in turn makes using the search function nothing more than a pointer to the project, as the results are flooded with folders and the like.

Take searching a project number for example. The search box explodes with every file and folder in that project. I really only wanted to see the project folder, and files that would meet the criteria.


Proposed Solution

An option [somewhere] to permit a search, often using the simple multiple criteria search field, that does not include the Folder path as a criteria.



1 Comment

As a follow-up, I'd like to be more specific of where I'd like to see the option, if this helps.


Vault Search No Path Option.png

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