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Imported IFC files have wrong coordinates in Tandem

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Imported IFC files have wrong coordinates in Tandem

Hi, I have a problem with Tandem reading imported IFC files. I have imported severals IFC files to Tandem facility, and few of them are behaving as if they had wrong coordinates (they are located far away from other models) I have never experienced this with the exact same IFC files in any other software (Navisworks, Bexel manager, BimcollabZoom), in every software they are located jusť right, also in Revit, where they have been created. How can I solve this issue? Thank you

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Hi @RichardVarga !


My apologies for not responding to you sooner. Your post notification got pushed down in my mailbox.


Is this issue still happening for you? If it is, please submit a support case here.


I have also sent you a private message with more information.



Jessica Smith
Customer Engagement Specialist, Autodesk Tandem
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