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Downloaded App Silent Extraction

Downloaded App Silent Extraction

I'm not sure where best to post this feature request, so please move it to the appropriate place if need be.


I'm working on deploying the Autodesk Desktop Connector app to some endpoints, and I'd like to have a different deployment option now that many users are working remotely. When downloading the app from Autodesk's website it downloads a single exe file. That exe will self-extract to C:\Autodesk by default using the Autodesk Download Manager - note that nothing further is downloaded, the entire app is already present on the endpoint it just needs to be extracted at this point.


The extraction process requires the user to click a few buttons. Once the extraction is complete the app can be installed silently via a script.


I'd really like to have the ability to silently extract the contents of the exe file so I can then silently launch the installation process. Without this feature, I cannot deploy the app very effectively to remote users who are disconnected from the domain or have a slow VPN connection - the installation just takes too much time to complete and becomes error prone.


If this feature was in place, I could simply run a script on the remote endpoint to silently download the exe file, silently extract the contents to a location I specify, then silently run the installation process. My my present scenario, this would be much better than extracting to a shared server location and then silently installing from there. In fact, I have some clients that don't even use a server, and therefore a silent installation is just not possible.


This doesn't just apply to the Desktop Connector, it would apply to all apps that are distributed via Autodesk's self-extracting exe.

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We are working on a similar solution so we can use End Point manger to kick off deployements. Basic start for use seems to copy the C:\Autodesk folder the app creates over there vs using the EXE to extract it once you can ensure thats copied using a script to run a silent install of the exe from the local drive. 

Havent worked through it all yet but this seems to be where we are headed with the idea.

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