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Drawing mesh

Is it posible to draw mesh of wall  with lines or with some other objects (from DXF or DWG file)?
I am having difficulties with detail load values in load take down analysis (a lot of nodes/values for some walls)
I know that it should be best if 1 wall is 1 FE, but then I can see results and moments on beams correctly.
Anyone can help me with this?

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hi @smaLQ47Y 

you can simply open dwg or dxf files. see below for accepted formats and how to set conversion parameters.

Supported Import Formats , Parameters for Loading DXF/IGES Format Files



you can also import background plans to help you suppose your model to others, or to help you realize your geometry.

Import DXF / DWG backgrounds


I also recommend that you try the automatic detection feature in the panel creation dialog box.
if you have several bars in a closed outline format, you can easily create a panel from an internal point.


Then if you need to split a panel into several based on the mesh, there are several methods.

You'll find  GetPanelWire  a small software utility that lets you create panels in place of FEs, even when they've been transformed manually or by API.
This version is limited, but it's just what you need.


Best Regards


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