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(API) Get edge nodes from contours

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(API) Get edge nodes from contours



After reviewing several discussions on this topic, it appears that there isn't a straightforward method for extracting node lists from contours quickly. For those who haven't yet developed extraction tools, I'm providing the GetMainNode program written in VB.Net, along with a freely formatted Excel sheet designed to split selections by panels. While its use might necessitate some functionalities, it offers multiple possibilities, not all of which are detailed here.


This program could prove beneficial in the following scenarios:

  • Filtering finite elements, supports, and results from selections generated by groups of nodes.
  • Integration into your existing routines and programs.
  • Verifying panel junctions.


Execution speed below 4 milliseconds per node for a structure of 1000 objects and 60000 nodes


Please note that the program has various features, some of which are not exhaustively explained here.


To utilize the program, follow these steps:

  • Make a selection of panels (or opt not to select any) in Robot.
  • Start the program.
  • The program will then initiate a selection, establish groups, and present text lists.



To use the Excel workbook, follow these steps:

  • Open the workbook.
  • Make a selection of panels (or choose not to select any) in Robot.
  • Click on "Run MainNodes" in the workbook.
  • Once the groups have been generated, click on "Group Update." If you have changed the language, please select the group names again.
  • After updating the groups, click on "Nodes Object" to obtain the details per panel.


Best Regards


Version 01/28/24


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