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Can't figure out, "Can't rotate element into this position".

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Can't figure out, "Can't rotate element into this position".

I have a family for a 3/4in compression fitting that I cannot get to rotate in section.


I have tried:

-  turning off "Always Vertical"

-  turning on "Work-Plane Based"

-  copying the geometry into a new family

-  completely redrawing the geometry from scratch in a new family

-  modeling it as a line based family


I could successfully host it to a reference plane and rotate it by rotating the reference plane. However, when doing so the element jumps across the model and I have to track it down and relocate it in it's new orientation back to where I placed it originally. This solution is also not ideal as having a ton of reference planes (one for each element) will be extremely cumbersome to work with.


If anyone has any ideas or solutions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


(Attached is the family that I am having issues with.)

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in reply to: ColtonHaney

If you want to free rotate the family in question with the least effort, then change the family category from generic model to a category that allows free rotation in the project, like pipe fittings, conduit fittings, mechanical equipment, or something similar. 

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in reply to: ColtonHaney

Model it using Mechanical Equipment template, check Always vertical, do not check Work Plane, then you can rotate it however you want in any axis.

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