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Global Group Changes Allowed

Global Group Changes Allowed

It would be nice if Type and Instance parameters could be updated outside of group editing mode in a couple of scenarios:


1) When updating information from schedules


2) When updating Families.


In both situations, the schedule and the family update should be able to, say, update the voltage of a type of fixture or update a user created text parameter used for organization.  These are just a couple of examples, but I think that an error message saying "You are about to edit group elements outside of Group editing mode, are you sure you wish to continue?" would be preferable to the one that says "can't edit groups outside of group editing, delete or ungroup your hard work." (I'm paraphrasing, of course).


Additionally, It would also be nice to update instance Parameters when using the lovely "Select All Instances" tool. (caution should be left in the hands of the user and Revit manager.  I feel that the pros of this outweigh the cons.)

I do this all the time - instance parameters are only editable out of group mode if the parameter type option is set to 'values can vary by group instance', to edit a type parameter I tab through to the element and then 'edit type', or tag the element and edit the value on the tag. I'm working in Revit 2018 if that makes a difference.

omg, I have same drama.  I just realized that my dimension settings were incorrect, but can't correct them because some dimensions are used in various groups I've created!  it doesn't even give me the option to at least fix those instances NOT in a group.  its all or nothing!  if I want it fixed, I want it fixed, group or not grouped!  so frustrating.  i'm going to have to see if I can do some trickery with renaming, but it probably wont let me rename a dimension in a group either... and I already have too many **** dimension options, I certainly don't need another.  

@leilani.gnall-gregory , if you select "all in project" and then can't edit an instance parameter because some are in groups then pyRevit plugin is a life saver, it has a tool to remove items that are in groups from the current selection...



I actually ended up transferring project standards from another file where I fixed the dimstyle issue, and it worked. (well I think I had to delete a filled region for some reason, but it was an easier fix.

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