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View Templates list disrupted after creating a View Template from a Callout

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View Templates list disrupted after creating a View Template from a Callout

Hi all,


My View Templates list is disrupted after I created a View Template from a Callout of a Structural Plan - looking Up.


Revit considers/filters this new View Template as a 'Ceiling Plan'-View Template and disrups my view Templates List.


Is this solvable ?


Thx Pieter

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in reply to: pieter.zeenaeme

Hi @pieter.zeenaeme


Welcome to the Autodesk community! Thanks for posting on our forum Smiley Happy


Which version of Revit are you using? Please check if you have the latest updates for your Revit version.

To install updates, open the Autodesk desktop app and click My Updates. To install a new version of your Autodesk software, open the Autodesk desktop app, sign in, and click My Products. To use a web browser to install updates or a new version, sign in to Autodesk Account


Can you try this for me?

Duplicate the existing view template and enter a new name for this template- 'structural - callout'

Modify view template property values as needed. See View Template Properties


Set your discipline filter to structural

Image result for Discipline filter in view template


Select the callout view and apply template properties to current view


Let me know if this resolves your issue or else send us your file to troubleshoot further.I can send you a private folder if you'd like.


Please select the Accept as Solution button if my post solves your issue or answers your question. Kudos welcome.



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in reply to: Viveka_CD



I'm using Revit 2018.1 (


My issue in not resolved with this walktrough.


It is easy to simulate.


  • View
  • Plan Views
  • Structural Plan (Edit Type -> View Direction = UP)
  • Create a new Callout in this new Structural Plan
  • Go to this Callout
  • Create a new View Template from this Callout

-> result: The View Template List is disrupted because every time you try to select a View Template in a Structural Plan the View Type Filter is present as 'Ceiling Plan'








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Too bad there's no continuation an my unresolved issue .

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Made this one from the Autodesk Structural Template.

It's so easy to simulate but a very annoying problem.


Thanks for the support.

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in reply to: pieter.zeenaeme

Hi @pieter.zeenaeme


Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier. Smiley Sad


I see what you are saying, yes, the template issue seems weird!

view filter error.JPG

I'm wondering if this is a glitch in the view template drop down or properties need to be tweaked. Let me talk to the development team and get back to you on this.


Feel free to check back and ping me @Viveka_CD



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You created call out from " Ceiling Plan " which was Structural Ceiling plan .

so your view template is locked to " Discipline " Structural.


You can uncheck Discipline for the view template and use it for any other plans be it 

Structural ceiling plan or Architectural ceiling plan..



Building Designer
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Thanks for your input.


However the problem is that when I want to appeal my ViewTemplates of my Structural Plans my ViewTemplateList is disrupted. (Like on this screenshot)


So everytime I want to adress my Structural View Templates the View Type Filter is set to Ceiling Plans and I don't see my Structural View Templates.


Then I have to change the filter everytime to 'all'.


A rather annoying issue and difficult to explain to other Revit user within the company.




Best regards

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