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Revit sheets in wrong order?

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Revit sheets in wrong order?

Hey guys, so I'm working on a project, and my sheets are for some reason showing up in the wrong order. I know how to get around this on sheet lists, but the sheets are printing in the order below as well. Has anyone encountered this before?






I thought sheets automatically printed alphabetically by sheet number? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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in reply to: alexisB5JF5

This is sorting the ID column correctly, (alpha numerically)


I assume, you are after the sheets to be sorted by level eg all the area plans are sorted together before the RCP's


Your numbering has the characters in the wrong order TA 21 B 1, therefore TA 21 L 1, L is after B in the alphabet! The levels 1 - 4 on the image appear above L and B due to alpha numeric sequence. (Letters before numbers)


Consider changing your number for level name to a number 01 for lower Basement 01 for lower level.


I prefer double numbers for levels in case you need more than 10, we assign a number to all levels lowest is 01 - top is 99, we are yet to do a project over 89 floors so currently we are OK... This gets us over the Digital limitation of sequences sorting Alpha numerically.


Hope this helps





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in reply to: laurasmagin

Thanks for the response Laura, but I was actually not enquiring about the TA21B1 vs TA21L1. I was wondering why the "Legend and General Notes" sheets, number TA0101 and TA0102, would be listed below the basement and lower level sheets.




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in reply to: alexisB5JF5

I realize this is too late, but it looks like Revit is looking at the number portion of the sheet name and considering that as part of the sort



It decides that 31 comes before 101 because of the number portion of the text.


Sometimes you want that behavior.  So Autodesk in their infinite wisdom decided that's the only way you should do it.


I was hoping that it only did that with the Sheet Number field so I tried a workaround by putting the sheet number in a formula and then sorting on that, but I get the same results. 😞

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