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REVIT BUG? Elements randomly dissapear when zoom

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REVIT BUG? Elements randomly dissapear when zoom

I hope someone could help. We are working in a project fully developped in RVT 2016 and the deadline is quiet tight. I detected yesterday something that looked like a bug, and it affect to the visualization, because the elements dissapear when I zoom in & out. 
We work for several years with revit and we can't figure out what's happening. I know that sometimes elements in revit can "disappear" because several reasons, but we have already checked every visibility filter, override, template etc and nothing. That's why we are almost sure that this could be a software related issue, what I hope it's not.
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When I zoom in a normal plan view some elements disapear and others just pop up. In the attached image "01_Possible Revit Bug" you can see the same view without changing anything. I've tried printing, to see if we could continue working despite the error but even the generated Pdf file is corrupt, I ramdom elements are not showed.
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In the attached image "02_Possible Revit Bug" you can see that you are able to select the geometry that it's not show. So, the element is there, but it is not visible. Argh!!
I ask for someone who has had the same issue. I couldn't detect any major change made in the model that could cause this in the last days. 
I tried in other computer with RVT 2016 and it doesn't solve the problem.
I copied some elements to a new project and the problem seems be solved, although, if I copy and save all the elements, phasing setting would disappear. Definitely this is not a solution because we are working in a renovation project and phase setting are necessary to be kept.
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Hi josejuanpordos,


Are the elements dissapearing in all views, or just one? If it is the latter, I would recommend the following:


1. Copy all Annotation elements in the affected view to your clipboard

2. Delete the view, and recreate it

3. Paste the Annotations to the same place


I have previously experienced this with Structural projects, where some columns either dissappeared or "jumped"around when zooming, and the above solution fixed the problem.
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Same problem, that solution works just fine


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