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nested links between different ACC-projects are not possible

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nested links between different ACC-projects are not possible

Hello everyone,


We use several nested links in our project, where the last nested file (N) is located in another project (X) in Autodesk Construction Cloud:


1. via "External Resource" the linking is only possible within a project - so there is no way to link the file N from project X:


2. via "Autodesk Docs" it is possible to link a file from another project, but when trying to update the link from file B within file A, a message appears stating that file N (from another ACC project) cannot be opened and will be deleted:


We set the reference type of all links to attachment - so theoretically everything should work. Unfortunately, it seems to be impossible to create nested links between different ACC projects.


Has anyone had this problem? Is there a solution for nested links between different cloud projects?


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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I would try to use the Bridge tool in ACC.  This allows you to put sync a published copy of a file from one project hub to another.  

Where we have multiple projects in one building/campus we typically host all of those models on the same hub and use separate folder structures per project/building within the same hub so they can be Live Linked without issue.

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thanks a lot!
it seems to work with the Bridge tool:)
However, it is only possible to update the file if you link the folder, but not the file itself. The file is then automatically updated when it is republished in the original folder.

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