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IFC export size

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IFC export size

Hi everyone!


We need to export a Revit MEP model to IFC. The model contains pipes, pipe fittings and pipe insulations and the file size is around 100 MB.


We separate the model in two parts because the whole model do a fatal error in Revit. In addition, it takes 30 min to export.


Any suggestions to improve the workflow?


Thanks in advance!



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in reply to: albertolbim

Hi @albertolbim,


I never had the case the export took that long. Are you exporting from the central?

Maybe try to open a detached copy of your file and purge everything before you export.

Check also if there are any Revit warnings.


If your IFC File is also too big you could try to reduce its size with this solibri IFC optimizer


good luck

Jeff Wurth
BIM Manager | Dipl Ing. Bauingenieur

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in reply to: albertolbim

Try to reduce the Revit file size by purging unused. If you are worried about loosing families create a separate revit file and purge that. Unlink all external revit models and cad files. Finally make sure you have checked the settings in the IFC export setup. It should be set to IFC 2x3 coordination view and the level of detail should be set to low. Have exported files in this method myself up to 250mb. Failing all that check your warnings in the manage toolbar you could have to many clashes causing memory issues. See photo attached.


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