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Cloud render - Authentication error

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Cloud render - Authentication error

Trying cloud render from Revit: we get an authentication error, and Revit crashes out.  ???

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in reply to: pbesley

Hello, Peter.
For your current authentication problem, you may try the following:
1.         Close all Browsers.
2.         If signed into Autodesk A360 in any applications, please sign out.
3.         Go to Control Panel > Internet Options
4.         Clear the Browsing History, including cookies and the cache.
5.         Clear the Temp folder (Hit Windows+R, Enter %temp%, clear folder).
6.         Launch any browser.
7.         Sign into
8.         Launch Revit.
9.         Sign into the Autodesk A360.
10.       Try Rendering a view.

Please also make sure that your machine can communicate through your firewall to the following servers through ports 80 and 443, and that the sites are added to the Trusted Sites list.
4.         *
When you log in to the portal and Revit, be sure to use the exact same Autodesk ID login. 

If the behavior persists, try logging into A360 and rendering from a machine on a different network. If the rendering works as expected, log out, log back into A360 from the original machine and network, and try rendering again.

Dan Faba
Autodesk Revit Technical Support

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