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Revit Addins

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Revit Addins

I'm currently working on a package for Revit 2017. The issue that I have is that all add-ons require the user to "Allow" each one. Revit works flawlessly without add-ons, and works fine with add-ons, however users get 18 add-on prompts everytime the package is launched.


Is there a registry key to turn off the security in Revit 2017 regarding add-ons or an ability to just allow all add-ons that I install? A trusted add-on list perhaps?

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You will need to digitally sign you Add-In. The following articles and forum-post should answer your questions.


One important note regarding Add-Ins: Please do not use Revit.exe.config for any configurations for your add-in. This file is for Revit only and changing it will prevent future updates of Revit.....




Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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Thanks for the reply.


My understanding of this method of certifying the add-in still requires the user to click "Always Load".


I require a means of installing multiple addin's (some signed and unsigned) without users being prompted this message.


I am willing to disable all Revits security if that's possible?

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