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Clash Detection Using Navisworks, Revit and Dynamo

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Clash Detection Using Navisworks, Revit and Dynamo

Hey Revit Community,


I've recently come across the following clash detection video on autodesks website, but it is extremely vague, and doesnt really give a tutorial for first timers (it kind of assumes you have anything set up already/have used it before). The video is below;


I am curious of 2 things...


1) Does anyone have the XML map known as exchange_Map/know where to download it as seen in the video (found at 0:52-1:37)?


2) Does anyone have the Dynamo project that he is using for this (found at 1:42-2:46) or know where I can access it? I'm kind of new to dynamo and I'm not sure I can recreate that 😞


The ability to view clashes as seen in this video would be a HUGE time saver as I can instantly port over to the clash within Revit and fix it in real time 3D, rather than having to locate the floor/gridlines the clash is on, then cut sections/create 3D views to fix the issue.


Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

Robert Allan

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After doing some more work using the video above, I was able to create a dynamo project to replicate what he has on his dynamo project, as well as the excel file which plugs into it. My problem now is that I get errors throughout the project even though everything is just as he has it (files attached through a google drive zip).


If anyone has the time to look through these it would be much appreciated, I dont know where I am going wrong in my Dynamo project.


Zip file contains:
1) "Project - To Open" - This is the Revit file you will open with 2 pre-set clashes
2) "Project - To Link" - This is the Revit file you will reload as a link to the above file
3) "Generic_Models-Clash_Sphere" - This is the transparent clash sphere as shown in the above tutorial video
4) "Clash Detection Workspace.dyn" - This is the dynamo workspace I have created as per the above tutorial
5) "XML-base" - This is the excel document that you open on the very first node within dynamo (this has the clashes from the above revit models as per the video tutorial).


Hopefully I can get some help on this as it has really stumped me. I've done everything the video said, yet I'm still getting errors 😞


Thanks in advance,

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Hey Everyone,


So after lots of searching, I have finally come to a fully working FREE solution - Dynamo.


Process has been simple once the script is created. This is now the process I follow to obtain all the clash information I need right within Revit


1) Open project and Dynamo

2) Open my script

3) Plug in the .xml file from Navisworks to 1 node (found in the left blue box on the script)

4) Plug in the family that I want placed at each clash (found in the right blue box on the script) - I created a transparent sphere for this family

5) Press 'Run' in Dynamo


VOILA! I go back to Revit, and I now have that transparent sphere placed at every single clash in the model (as per the .xml file Navisworks gives you). I can now schedule this sphere with the following information (Clash name/Element ID/Grid Lines/Level its on/etc), and I can click on one of these (lets say Clash1), press highlight in model, and it brings me right to the view! I have saved myself hours of time!! Pictures of my working script, before running script, and after running script are below 🙂 The pictures of before and after are just a test model to show the capabilities of the script:


Clash Detection Workspace.jpgBefore Script.JPGAfter Script.JPG


Lots of hard work to get this script up and running 100%, lots of hair pulling moments when there were errors everywhere. But BOY OH BOY wasnt it ever worth it. Will save 10s of hours per clash detection project we have now. Can locate clashes via a schedule, and get to fixing them quicker.


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Thanks so much for posting all that.  I have also been trying to learn Dynamo and find examples of ways to use Dynamo in my daily work flow.  I've been doing clash orbs for years since the AutoCAD days.  But it was a manual process to generate the orbs.  We had written a script to automate the process from Navisworks to Revit, but was looking for something that was more fluid and quicker to use.


I had gone through this Autodesk University lesson that was filled with great info that you could download and print out:


But was looking for something a bit simpler.  



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Ya, I was using the same cumbersome process of porting navisworks into revit via script, but this new approach is WAY better in terms of being able to get the spheres into the model with information attached to the sphere that relates to the clash (clash number specifically for cross referencing purposes). Also is nice to be able to schedule these elements accordingly using all the info that this workspace provides the clash sphere 🙂

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I've changed the Lacing on all List.GetItemAtIndex to a Cross Product (yours is set to shortest) and it seems to run

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Fantastic work.  I do a lot of clash detection work and this would be a huge benefit. Will investigate your script some more and let you know if I can offer up any suggestions. 





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in reply to: andybrack

HI Revit community


Seems great work and effort of all participants...but...I do not need clash detection scripts covering model against model but model against point cloud for instance to efficiently detect displacements of openings in walls...does anybody have an idea how to do it?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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in reply to: YZhuang_Spectech

hi Rob would it be possible for youth share the dynamo script again? very much appreciated!

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Thanks for posting all of this.  Does this script work?  If not, anyway you could post the working one?? Would love to have this but know little to nothing about writing scripts myself.  Appreciate the info regardless.  

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Could you post the Dynamo scrypt and rfa for the sphere family, so whe can download it?

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Thank you for the script, but it's was deleted. Can reshared it please?

Thank you 

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