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BIM 360 folder missing

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BIM 360 folder missing

I have been having an issue when I log into Revit 2018 and go to open a C4R project, the BIM 360 folder is missing. 

I have tried numerous things and the only thing that gets it to show up is uninstalling Revit 18 and reinstalling, but the BIM 360 folder only shows up for the first session I open after reinstalling Revit 18. Is there something that is keeping this folder from appearing?

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in reply to: meghanb

@meghanb Hi,


Make sure you have updated version of REVIT 2018.  The version service pack should give you:  2018.3.  Also you need to update your 360 application also.  Check with the administrator in your company and let them know that your BIM 360 folder keeps going missing.  I remember back when i started with the cloud my folder went missing and it took getting the BIM 360 app. updated and some files either update or deleted on my machine to get the new 360 app. folder to show up and be the current version.


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