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Schedule Key: Can I show drop-down menu in multiple schedule columns?

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Schedule Key: Can I show drop-down menu in multiple schedule columns?

I'm trying to make a room finish schedule that pulls info from Schedule Keys for each column. I have a Schedule Key for Wall Base, Flooring, Ceiling, and Walls. In my room finish schedule, I'd like to further split up the Walls column into N, E, S, & W, but with each of those sub-columns pulling info from the same Schedule Key for Walls.


In other words, can multiple Schedule columns refer to the same Schedule Key, or do I always have to fill them in manually?


Annotation 2019-05-06 160056.png

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Sure. Add New Parameters named "N", "S", "E", "W" to Key Schedule.  

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in reply to: barthbradley

Thanks for responding! If I'm understanding you correctly, that just adds more info to the wall schedule key. I am using schedule keys to create a material & finish legend on one sheet (e.g. CPT1 > Carpet Tile > Interface > Silver Linings > SKU 1000223). On another sheet I have a room finish schedule, in which each field pulls info from the aforementioned schedule key via a drop-down menu (e.g. Room 101 > Open Office > Flooring: CPT1).


Now, I want my (4) columns for North, East, South, & West walls to all pull info from the same schedule key ("Wall Finishes"), so that (3) walls could be PNT1 and one could be ACP1 - all which have been defined in the schedule key.


See attached images:


Annotation 2019-05-07 153937.jpgAnnotation 2019-05-07 154018.jpgAnnotation 2019-05-07 154201.jpg

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No you can't. You have to create 3 more key schedules and replicate the content from the original one.

The easiest way to duplicate a key schedule with the content intact is copy paste it to another project, rename the key and the parameters, then copy paste back to your project.

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in reply to: ToanDN

Shoot, that's the conclusion I was coming to as well. Thanks for your response!

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