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Save 3D-View Camera Position and Zoom

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Save 3D-View Camera Position and Zoom

Hey guys, 


I have following Problem:

When I save a 3D-View and reopen the project, Revit opens the view with the right camera position/orientation, but the model is zoomed to its extends and does not keep the old zoomfactor. Is there a way to save the zoom factor or tell Revit to not zooming to the models extends?

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in reply to: leonard.moelders

Turn on view crop and crop the 3d view.

Toan Nguyen
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in reply to: ToanDN

Thanks, that works, but seems more like a work-around. Is there no other way? Like stopping Revit to zoom to extend automatically?

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If you're calling that solution a workaround, it seems like you are going to call just about anything a workaround...


Why is that not acceptable?

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@mhiserZFHXS : I'm not commenting on your first sentence, as it's just rude.


The reason why it's not acceptable is, that when view crop is active I can not zoom out to the extends of the model again. I would need to deactivate the view crop again or right-click and set the view crop to model extends. Furthermore panning by clicking the mouse wheel moves the cropped view and not the model. To pan the model in the cropped view I need to use the pan-tool which is not handy. 

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I'm just stating facts. Seems pretty ridiculous to write off the solution to something because you think its a "workaround".


Is this a working view, or a set view? If its a working view, why does it matter if its zoomed or not when you open it? If its a set view (for a sheet or rendering), why are you moving it around so much that this becomes inconvenient?

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