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Revision lines showing red

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Revision lines showing red

Hi everyone, 

We suddenly have the revision lines showing in red. We have checked the schedule within the sheet family and all is black there. But if we change colours there, say to violet, then the top titles become violet while the revisions keep being red.


Any ideas?


Thanks for your help

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The first thing that comes to my mind is that the text style used in the table on the sheet family has the same name in the project, but is set to red, so no matter what color you use on the family, it will be overwritten by the project style.


Hope it helps. Cheers.

Architecture Modelling, BIM Workflows and Information Exchange.
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Hi, thanks for your reply 

Still that's not the case, the revision schedule in the family is called that: 'Revision schedule', but we don't have such schedule in the project..

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I see. The revision schedule is native to the Sheet Family. See the image below to check the Text Style of the table in the sheet family:

table 1.png

Then at the project, check here:

table 1.png

If the name of the Text Style is the same in the family in both family and project, then the project should override the family, at least that's my guess.


Other than that, it might be only the text style inside the sheet family itself. Can't see any other explanations.


Let me know if it helps.

Architecture Modelling, BIM Workflows and Information Exchange.
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Hi, thanks again, but we don't have the same text styles in the sheet family and in the project. 

I have checked all the texts we have in the family and they are all black.

At first I thought it had to do with the sheet family, but someone else in the office has downloaded it into her project to see what happens and the revisions are black, so it must be something within the project.


The thing is we have two people working on different projects, with the same problem... no idea where to look....

This is Revit 2022 by the way


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Yeah, then I don't have a clue haha


I know there are lots of NDA, but if you could share a clean file with the problem happening, maybe would help troubleshoot.

Architecture Modelling, BIM Workflows and Information Exchange.
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Unfortunately we cannot share it, but if you come to a solution, please let us know.

Thanks for your help anyway 😉

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The issue has been solved, by transferring project standards (the whole lot) from a project that was fine.

We think all this comes from transferring things from a package of models inherited from someone else, we found out that the two people with the issue had been bringing stuff from that package. So that's it, not sure what the issue was per se, but this has solved it.

Thanks for your help pedruccioli

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