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Problem displaying angled dimensions

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Problem displaying angled dimensions




On horizontal and vertical dimensions, the distance between the bottom of the top text and the top of the bottom text is the same.

When these dimensions are at an angle, the distances are no longer the same. (show jpg).




Is it possible to correct this so that the distance between the top and bottom text is always the same for angled dimensions?



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Strange. Shouldn't be happening.  What are the dimensions pulled from? Looks like you are pulling them from the dimension line of another dimension. Of course, this isn't possible.  

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in reply to: GOELDamien5236

Distance from text to dimension line is not the same between upright dimensions and angled dimensions.  It is just one of Revit things.  I just ignore it but I can understand the annoyance for some others.

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Thank you both for your feedback.

Yes, I understand that the distances are not the same. If there's a real reason, I'd be happy to know it, and if not, it would be nice if Autodesk could correct this little problem.

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