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Weird flare on surfaces in realistic mode

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Weird flare on surfaces in realistic mode

I have problem in realistic mode there is light flashing or flare I don't know what is that pls see attached images. I cannot solved the issue it happens some Revit file not all of them. Doesn't matter materials applied or not, when i applied material still I have this issue.

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in reply to: Zoey00

Unfortunately, this is not the best place to ask such a question. Please note that this discussion forum is dedicated to programming Revit using the Revit API.


Afaict from your description and screen snapshot, you are not doing anything programmatically yourself using the Revit API, just using the standard Revit user interface.


In that case, you might get more optimal answers to a question like yours relating to product setup, optimisation, usage, and other end-user support issues in one of the non-API Revit product support discussion forums instead:


The people there are better equipped to address this topic than us programming nerds.


I hope this clarifies.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Best regards,




Jeremy Tammik, Developer Advocacy and Support, The Building Coder, Autodesk Developer Network, ADN Open

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