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Split Rebar

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Split Rebar

I am trying to split the reinforcements, initially with a line as a reference. The logic is as follows:

    • I get the geometry of the reinforcement (curves).
    • I get the geometry of the reference line (curves).
    • From here come the questions: If I draw the line in a plan view, to intercept it with the reinforcement line, should I translate it in Z, if I am in a diagonal cut? maybe get the direction of the view and move it in that direction? How do I get this distance that I must transfer?
    • Assuming that I already found the solution so that the bar curves intersect with the line curve, now I must cut those curves, if the bar is a single section and straight, it could generate the curves through the starting point, intercept point and end point, and if the bar has more than one section ?, if it has curved elements ?, perhaps make a foreach to the list of curves of the bar, and that section that intercepts cut it and stop the loop there?   


If anyone has a clearer idea, I would really appreciate it. 


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in reply to: jamess166

It sounds to me as if an illustrative sketch might help significantly to understand your needs.


Jeremy Tammik
Developer Technical Services
Autodesk Developer Network, ADN Open
The Building Coder

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in reply to: jeremytammik

Generally speaking, it's like applying the split tool, but for reinforcements.




Thank you very much

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in reply to: jamess166

i see you can

1) get the the bar length

2) change the bar length to the desired value

3) copy the bar many times till you reached to the required total length


i did it and it work

may be you will find a problem with legs but you can decrease its value 

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in reply to: sameh.nabil

Maybe for a single type of shape if it works for me, but if I want it for all kinds of shapes, that's where it becomes complex, however I'm going to take up that project, since the solution comes to mind which is to work with the curves of the reinforcements, and work with vectors.
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in reply to: jeremytammik

I still can't think of how to do it, I'm still working on it, to have a complete solution regarding structural reinforcement, I just need to include the split and extend command, which I haven't been able to achieve yet. I will publish my progress.






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