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Material Browser Focus

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Material Browser Focus

Just a suggestion.

How about the focus be of the command you have entered. For example if you type "PT" for the Paint command the Material Browser appears but the focus is still on the cursor. It would save time if the focus was on the current command search option. Then you wouldn't have to stop, take your hand off the the keyboard, put it back on the mouse, move the mouse to the search bar, click on search bar, move you had back to the keyboard to type. This would save me time.

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Please direct all wishes and suggestion to the Revit Idea Station. Whenever you require a new or enhanced Revit 

Please search there for a corresponding wish list entry for the suggested functionality and add your comments to it, or create a new one, if none already exists:


Tag it as an API wish:


Ensuring that a wish gets as many votes as possible helps underline its importance to you and the rest of the developer community. The Revit Idea Station is currently one of the main driving input forces for Revit API enhancements. The Revit development team looks there. Your comment here in the discussion forum might be overlooked.


Jeremy Tammik, Developer Advocacy and Support, The Building Coder, Autodesk Developer Network, ADN Open

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