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How to modify revit button picture ?

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How to modify revit button picture ?

I can create customization ribbon and button, but i can not find about the modify revit define button  picture api, because  i want to customization  my revit whole  UI style, how to do this ?

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Sorry my question is not clearly, my question how to change revit built-in button picture.

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This question has been discussed here many times in the past.


Here is a pointer to such a discussion and a very nice tutorial by archi+lab:


Please always search for existing solutions first before posting a new question.


Jeremy Tammik
Developer Technical Services
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Thanks for your answer, but i still don't know how to change revit default design like below pictureInked6a00e553e16897883301b8d2c6edfd970c-800wi_LI.jpg

Where blue circle is revit default wall button, i want to change this picture to my custom design and red number is default button order, then i want to change order like 5-4-3-2-1 order, anyway i want to do that is modify revit original UI design, but so far i try to search related tutorial then obtain the "how to create own button"only that is not my want to do, clearly my problem is how to change revit orignal UI design include picture、order、panel color and so on .

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I try use ILSpy to look revit .dll file and find the revit tool picture and some code that look like xml code, but i don't find how to use this dll to write api to change revit default button picture.


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I'm not quite sure you can change the design of Revit's built-in buttons, it seems to be baked in the code directly.


However, you can very easily reorganize the quick access toolbar.

To do so, simply right-click on the quick access toolbar, and then click on "Customize Quick Access Toolbar". This will allow you to add/remove tools from the toolbar, but also choose in which order the tools are displayed.

This solution is not API-focused, but I doubt you would need to do those changes more than a couple times, so a macro would be overkill anyway.



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