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Help why my FamilyInstance does not place on points in Dynamo

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Help why my FamilyInstance does not place on points in Dynamo



I am trying to make a Dynamo script that takes two selected points from a drawing and turns them into a line. Then takes that line and divides it into points. Then places a selected family instance at each of those points. 


For some reason the family does not place on the points even though when I watch each node it seems to be outputting what I want. I attached a picture of what it is outputting. It is just a blue line with dots of where a device should have been placed.


A reference plane is needed for this so that is something I cannot change.


Any help on why this is happening is greatly appreciated. I have attached a screenshot of my current script as well.

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Firstly you are best asking these questions on the Dynamo forum since they have more experience with that there.


Only the author of those combined nodes will know what the node expects for inputs and outputs. Generally you should not confuse the term 'Reference' and 'ReferencePlane':

Reference is something obtained from element geometry i.e. curve or face reference.

ReferencePlane I believe is treated as a host element for the purpose of the FamilyInstance overloads in the API.


However how that translates to that combined node that is responsible for inserting the instances I don't know.


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Thank you I will post on there as well.

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