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Extracting a named reference plane from FamilyInstance

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Extracting a named reference plane from FamilyInstance

Dear All,
I have been struggling to extract a particular reference plane named "Aligned". I need to create a plane that is at exact orientation of the reference plane inside the FamilyInstance. I used the GetReferenceByName() method, as follows;



FamilyInstance familyInstance = doc.GetElement
new FamilyInstanceFilter(),
"Select a family instance")
) as FamilyInstance;

Reference alignReference = familyInstance.GetReferenceByName("Aligned");



I saw several posts with solutions here, for creating dimensions using the GetReferenceByName(), but could not find one with solution to extract the plane.

How to do this?

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in reply to: harilalmn

The plane exists only in the family definition, so I doubt that you will be able to access it without opening your RFA, e.g., using EditFamily.


Jeremy Tammik, Developer Advocacy and Support, The Building Coder, Autodesk Developer Network, ADN Open
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in reply to: harilalmn

Is the reference plane you are looking for set to 'Not a Reference' in family? Otherwise according to RevitAPI.chm (as I understand it) it should be able to find it.

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in reply to: RPTHOMAS108

I am able to find the reference...

Here is the scenario. I have several families which when placed in project, are to be aligned to some walls. Each family has a reference plane named "Aligned". When placing, this reference plane has to align with the given wall, as if we do manual align in revit using "AL" shortcut. 

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in reply to: jeremy_tammik

SmartSelect_20231016_133822_Samsung Notes.jpg

Above shown is what I try to achieve...


I have several families and each family has different orientation for this reference plane. 

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