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Did you fill the parameter value or is it still blank?

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Did you fill the parameter value or is it still blank?

Prior to every synchronization we got to check if the parameter (of views or instances) was filled or not. If it's not, is there a way to remind user about it? Any recommendations/advice will be greatly appreciated.


PS: not a lot of API experience.

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The Revit API provides numerous events that you can subscribe to in order to be notified before a certain command is executed and certain operations take place. I am confident that you can find an event that you could use to analyse the model and the element properties to check whether all required information has been entered, and cancel the command execution otherwise.


Jeremy Tammik, Developer Advocacy and Support, The Building Coder, Autodesk Developer Network, ADN Open
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I solved a similar requirement before, but without using the Revit API. I created a filter that painted elements if a certain Parameter Value was blank. In that way, the users knew if they had to add value or not.  I think you could use this strategy for instance. That worked for us, maybe you could consider it as an alternative. 

Regarding the View parameters. Which kind of information do you need to add there? Maybe you can automate the process, leaving the responsibility to a command instead of the users. That could apply to both cases. 


I hope it helps, 

Kind regards.


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