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browsing model files in the cloud (A360 C4R)

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browsing model files in the cloud (A360 C4R)

Hi Folks,


A new client of ours is using A360 C4R to store their model files in the cloud.


Configuration of our add-in requires that we indicate which model files are to be "managed" by our application.  At present, we pop up a file chooser dialog to allow the user to select which model files are managed.


With A360, however, the built-in wpf file chooser dialog doesn't seem to give us what we need to select model files that reside in the cloud.  It seems to be completely unaware of any cloud based storage.


Does A360 expose any of what it provides via an API?  Or is there some other means by which we can present model files stored in the cloud so that the user can indicate which models are to be managed by our add in?


As well, once the UNC path is known, is there anything particular to be aware of if/when our addin attempts to open those documents?  Or is that handled fairly seamlessly?


I'm not well versed in working with cloud storage so forgive if my questions seem naive.  I've also searched for quite a while today and have not found much on API integration of A360 and/or C4R.  If this has been asked and answered, a link would be very much appreciated.



Thanks much!


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Hi @michael_coffey and all

Because I need to setup the Project on BIM 360 Document Management, so I need to upload around 50 Revit files to BIM 360 Doc. as Cloud Model (Not Revit File) and I can not do it with Dynamo, Python, Revit API or BIM 360  Desktop connector.

Do you have any idea or solution to setup the Project file on BIM 360 Document Management? Or do you know someone or company can support/ provide this services.

Thank for your sharing,

Have a good day.

Minh Pham

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Hi guys,


Thank you for your interest and the lively discussion. 


I am checking with the development team for an updated recommendation on how to solve this in the current state of things.






Jeremy Tammik
Developer Technical Services
Autodesk Developer Network, ADN Open
The Building Coder

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in reply to: jeremytammik

Replying to be kept in the loop.


I'm also interested in automating a way to enable "Collaborate In Cloud" for models so that they are able to be linked into Cloud Workshared Models rather than having our users do that every time we receive a model. 

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in reply to: Sherbs



we also try to achive this. i am not able to find any APIs regarding this so we created an Addin which stores the BIM 360 central path to our DB while adding files to BIM 360. From our DB we will populate a Grid and shows all the Files which is added.

For creating local copy i am using the below method.


 private static Document OpenNewLocal(Autodesk.Revit.ApplicationServices.Application app, ModelPath centralPath, ModelPath localPath)
            // Create the new local at the given path
            WorksharingUtils.CreateNewLocal(centralPath, localPath);


I dont know is this valid for the current senario.

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in reply to: BimalGeorge

This answer has now been answered on StackOverflow:


It is also discussed in the Forge blog post on Accessing BIM 360 Design models on Revit:







Jeremy Tammik
Developer Technical Services
Autodesk Developer Network, ADN Open
The Building Coder

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in reply to: ali.talebi


This works well for BIM 360 Team projects, but fails for BIM 360 Design ones, any workarounds?

var cloudProjects = CollaborateUtils.GetCloudProjects(doc);

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