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Batch converting all parameters to Shared parameter

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Batch converting all parameters to Shared parameter

Hello I am new to Revit and looking for some advice. I have many .rfa files that are filled with family parameters. For every parameter, as shown in the screenshot below, I want to:

  • Change the Parameter type from Family to Shared
  • Change Parameter Data from Type to Instance
  • Set Group Parameter Under: Data

Unless I am missing something, from my research it seems the best way to do this would be to delete and replace all the parameters with the updated settings. Is this the best way to go about this task? If so what Dynamo/scripting functions should I use to accomplish what I need?


Thank you 

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You can do all of this at parameter properties.

Properties>Family types>Click the parameters you want to change>edit>

>Choose shared parameter at parameter properties

>Choose data at Group parameter under:

>Choose Type or Instance

I attached the screenshot so that you could check it. I hope it helps you.




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Ei Zin Myat
Technical Sales Unit Engineer
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in reply to: daniel.astorino

i believe you should first create share instance parameters and grouping them correctly (dont use the same naming). then, it should be simple to map your old parameter's values to the new ones.

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in reply to: Yien_Chao

I've progressed in the solution I have encountered an issue. Some of the family types I'm working with do not have the same data type as the shared parameter I want to replace it with. So I am coming up with alternative methods and would need guidance. I know that I can't change data type, so I was thinking of another solution: 

Create shared type using the shared parameter data file -> get value from old family type -> apply this value to the shared parameter

I would just need to figure out how to complete step 2 and 3. What is the best way to go about getting the value from the old family type and how would I then apply it to the shared type?

Would I be better off with just getting the value from an excel sheet instead?


thanks for the help

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