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Install AutoCAD 2005 on Windows 10 x64 bit.

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Install AutoCAD 2005 on Windows 10 x64 bit.

I want to install AutoCAD 2005 on Windows 10 x64 bit.
After installing and running, "This app may not work properly." Comes out.
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What does the specs say for 2005? 32 bit of course.

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Hi @Anonymous,

It's also worth saying that Autodesk has stopped Activating product versions from 2010 and older (also includes products out of support). So even if you do get it installed, activation will be a stopping point. 

Leo Warren
Autodesk Student Ambassador Diamond
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Read this

After you finish kicking yourself, try these ideas/tips

Note that at some point Win10 is going to kill your 2005 license and your program will stop working forever: it happens to everyone eventually, just look around in this forum. So have a backup plan and keep your old PC ready to start back up.

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