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I need help with my product.

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I need help with my product.



Firstly I'd like to apologize if i have found the wrong section for my conversation. That aside I would like to know if it is possible to download my old copy of AutoCAD LT R14 that I bought outright many moons ago. I realize that AutoDesk changed their policies towards ownership of all their products much to my hate for it.


I am retired and have been for over 10 years now. I am in need of a copy of AutoCAD LT for a little one time project I am doing for my home and my old computer with the copy of AutoCAD LT R14 on it is non functional any more. I don't care about updates, I have no need to subscribe for 1 month, 1 year or 3 years as I am retired there is little to no use for that for me. However I have given this company money for a product I now no longer seem to be able to use. I would like to be able to as any other CAD software seems to be of lesser quality and I would have to re-learn everything I know about CAD software again. Something I am extremely unwilling to do.


Can a member of AutoDesk please respond or anyone else that has been through similar steps as myself offer advice. It would be greatly appreciated.




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in reply to: christopher.blair

There was never an LT R14: do you mean LT97/LT98? or LT2014? or R14 (no LT)? or something else?
Do you still have the disk (or floppy disks) or a download saved to use for activation?

If you are positive its LT, do you honestly think your $199.00 spent from 30-years ago still has influence with any company in business today?

Either way, contact an Autodesk reseller or three in your region of the world for a final and definitive answer to your queries, start here

Good luck.
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in reply to: pendean

Oh It might have been LT2014 I used AutoCAD through my Architectural career and had a version of LT around 2014 to mess around with at home while I used full AutoCAD in the office so yeah might be that one it was a while ago and haven't been using it for a long time.

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in reply to: christopher.blair

Find out for sure somehow: not much anyone can do (if then can do anything) if you don't know what software you are trying to activate and you don't have the installation software to reinstall (disk or saved download somewhere).
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in reply to: pendean

I doubt AutoDesk's records will go back that far and I have no idea when I actually bought it so wouldn't be able to find a receipt. I'm pretty sure it was LT2014 though.


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in reply to: christopher.blair

You don't know what you bought and you can't prove that you bought anything. 


How can anyone help you?


Drafting is a breeze and Revit doesn't always work the way you think it should.
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in reply to: pendean

Would I be able to download LT2014 if I could find receipt of ownership in an email?


EDIT - LT2014 was a subscription based model so it wasn't 2014 I owned it was earlier and since everything earlier no longer runs on windows I think I have found my answer. 


It would appear I had a version of 2008 so I'm screwed then.


So does AutoDesk have anything for me then that I can use remembering I only need a 2D Architectural CAD package and I do not want to deal with subscriptions for mega-bucks since I only need it for a singe project now that I am retired.

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in reply to: christopher.blair

nope all they offer are subscriptions

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in reply to: christopher.blair

>>>...It would appear I had a version of 2008...<<<
The $199.00 price that was spent 15-years ago no longer entitles anyone for much of anything. Sorry. It did matter 14-13-12 even 10-years ago I believe, but not today.

If you have a laptop (Windows or MAC) or an iPAD or an Android Tablet, (or know friend that does) the app stores for each of those devices sell low cost CAD programs you can try and use.

There are some free CAD programs out there too, like this

And of course for a single one time project paper+pencil is very low cost and super accessible for all of us. UPS and FedEx store do scanning too. Have fun with it.

Good luck, and happy retirement.
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in reply to: pendean

Paper and pencil are no longer accepted for Planning and Building warrant submissions in my area any longer sadly I'd have to get them scanned in to submit them.


The sad part of this is the AutoDesk policy of moving to subscription based models. I knew it was a mistake back then and it clearly shows it here. I'm sure they have made more money from it now but it has segregated a portion of the Architectural community (single license users) and forced them to use competitors products instead of their own.


Well thank you for your help. I'm either going to try and print out my copies of the drawings I have of my home and draw over them then resubmit those electronically somehow, hire an Architectural practice with a cad package to do my drawings which is pointless since I am an Architect myself or go out an buy another CAD package sit and learn that and then do the work myself.


Very disappointing.




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Dear Chris,

I was on the brink of suggesting the free (community) versions of either Fusion 360 or FormIt, but I am afraid neither will enable you to produce 2D drafting files.


BTW, it seems to me LT2014 was sold with the possibility of a perpetual license back in the day:


But if you are not able to download an installer anymore you might just switch to Solid Edge 2D drafting by Siemens. 

It's free (prints will be watermarked), is claimed to remain so and it will enable you to (re)use your old dwg files.


FreeCAD (free & open source) is an option too, if you would like to take on modelling in 3D and taking 2D drawings from that.


Good luck with your personal project.

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