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Frequent errors after upgrading "AUTOCAD LT 2014" to "AUTOCAD LT 2015"

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Frequent errors after upgrading "AUTOCAD LT 2014" to "AUTOCAD LT 2015"

After purchasing the permanent version of "AUTOCAD LT 2014" in 2014, it was used until 2023, and the computer body was replaced, and the error continued while using the upgraded license of "AUTOCAD LT 2015", making it too inconvenient to use now.

In the CAD window, open multiple files and save them to a window that asks you if you are working or if you want to save them. If you check the stored file, you can see that it is stored in the name of another file among several open files. I want to know how to avoid errors.

As it has been stored like this several times, AUTOCAD has been unreliable.

I want you to let me know if the only way is to purchase an annual license to prevent errors.

Please look at the article and reply.
Thank you.

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in reply to: rndU5US8

I actually can't understand exactly what you are saying. But 2014/2015 LT software is 10 years old.

I suggest you download & run the free trial version of the latest 2024 LT version to see if this resolves your problems. 

Download AutoCAD LT 2024 | AutoCAD LT Free Trial | Autodesk

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in reply to: rndU5US8

And what might those errors be?

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