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Blocking of Autocad Architecture 2009 installation by Windows 11 Pro (64 bit)

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Blocking of Autocad Architecture 2009 installation by Windows 11 Pro (64 bit)

With the multiple attempts to install Autocad Architecture 2009 with a perpetual license onto a new computer with Windows 11 Pro (64 bit) I'm always getting the Windows message "Your administrator has blocked this application because it potentially poses a security risk to your computer." The suugested by Autodesk assistant solution ( failed - message appeared again.

Can anybody help?

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in reply to: mail36

Your old 2009 is not supported in Win11 and that OS is designed differently.


If you cannot find any tips (free and not-free) here, you're going to have to find a Windows7 solution instead


For reauthorization, you'll need to get in touch with Autodesk direct yourself, no one in these forums is that. Start here



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in reply to: pendean

Thanks. This installation AutoCAD Architecture '2009 has being worked on my old machine with Windows 10 pro for several years absolutely perfectly until the crash of video card on it. Frankly to say, the program has been installed yet onto Windows 7 you've just kindly suggested, and later there were two windows upgrades to 8 and 10 and each time it was working good. I don't know what to do - one more solution to buy anoter replacement of the video card for old machine and to leave everything as is. Or to replace the hard drive on the new machine with HD of old one and to reinstall drivers on it for the new hardware. Which one better?

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