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powermill won't post positional tool moves

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powermill won't post positional tool moves

I did exactly what is said inside this link :

with workplane but it didn't work for me, what did i do wrong ? i don't know maybe my post file doesn't accept workplane in final nc file please help. 

if it is post processor issue please tell me how to fix it, the post processor used in this gcode is a generic fanuc modified to work in 4th axis .

here for demonstration i have two 4 axis surface projection with a workplane in between but the post nc file doesn't have the movement it just happens to act like there wasn't any workplane in there .

Screenshot (115).pngScreenshot (116).png

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Please upload project file to get better help.

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in reply to: hrh46

project file belongs to the company Im working in, and im not allowed to do so, can i give any more information to get better help ? this is a simple surface projection rotary spiral gcode, i believe rapid moves are not set to behave exactly like powermill

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in reply to: hamed.desighn

Most posts are not setup to use workplanes between toolpaths or what are called "join up moves" in the post. Instead posts usually default to retracting the Z and resetting the rotary axes in between toolpaths, as this is typically the safest thing to do to avoid the tool from colliding into the part between paths. That said, if you want to enable joinup moves in the post you can, just be very careful and remember that you'll have to verify your connections moves between toolpaths on every NC program




You need to be careful to check that you don't have any commands in the post to home the machine before or after each toolpath, otherwise your joinup moves will get screwy.



Sean Wroblewski
Applications Engineer

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