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How do I get 5-axis post processor?

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How do I get 5-axis post processor?



I'm using PowerMill trial version for considering our deal.

So, I want to check behavior of our DIY 5-axis machine which is controlled by PowerMill's NC code.

But I cannot find out 5-axis post processor. Can't I check our machine behavior?


Anyone, please tell me how to generate 5-axis nc code.


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The free 3 axes posts are located here if you were wondering...C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Manufacturing Post Processor Utility 2021\Generic


You can use the generic post processors that come with PowerMill, but they only support 3 axes.  They can be modified to handle 5 axes, but this needs to be done by someone who understands how to modify the post using the post-processor utility (AMPPU).  Double click on the post file (.pmoptz) to see what I am referring to.


A 5 axis post generally needs to be built around the machine kinematics and control options.  This tends to be a bit more unique for each customer and is normally a paid service.  I suggest reaching out to your local reseller and talk to them about getting you a post to test out.


Lastly, If you put the machine type and controller here, a forum member may also send you a post to test out if it is similar to what they are using.

Christopher Marion
Technical Specialist - CAM
SolidCAD - Canada

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If you want 4 & 5 axis post processor send Email to me :

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I need post processor for powermill fanuc control

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Hi @Eng.Bassem 


Are you looking for a 3 axis or 5 axis post processor?


Christopher Marion
Technical Specialist - CAM
SolidCAD - Canada

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5 axis
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Hi @Eng.Bassem 


You are going to want to work directly with an Autodesk partner for this post processor.  Autodesk does not give away free multi-axis posts, since there may be complexity involved.  You may also need a simulation file (MTD) as well for simulating multi-axis toolpaths for collision checking on the machine tool.


Go ahead and visit the Autodesk Services Marketplace and look for one in your area.  Just be aware that there will be a cost associated to getting this done.


We can also provide this service if you'd like a quote.  Contact us here



Christopher Marion
Technical Specialist - CAM
SolidCAD - Canada

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Hurco vmx 42ui

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contact to me. If you need Hurco vmx 42ui

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Contact me : 

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