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Need help combining two objects

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Need help combining two objects

I am at a loss as to how to do this. I need to wrap the mesh onto the face of the quarter round cylinder. I need it centered and to stand out about 1/4" from the rounded surface. The cylinder should be 6.75" tall and the mesh should be about 2" wide. Sorry for all the detail, didn't know what you would find when opening the stl.


appreciate any input on how to wrap this onto the cylinder

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in reply to: jeffrey.wimer

Yep this can be done. I have a few questions, and let me make sure we are on the same page.


  • What is a quarter rounder cylinder face?
  • Do you want that emblem warped/wrapped/curved/molded around a cylinder?
  • And if so should that cylinder should be 6.75" tall with a diameter of 2"? Or the emblem should be 2" wide?
  • What orientation?
  • And should the emblem also be embossed onto that cylinder?



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in reply to: hfcandrew

The face would be the rounded portion of the 1/4 round. A complete round cylinder would be 3.5” in diameter,  it only need 1/4. I need the emblem to match long direction to long direction. The emblem would be 2” wide and wrap around the face. And the emblem would be embossed to the cylinder.


i hope that makes sense. I plan to take into vcarve pro and carve on my cnc out of wood.


thanks for the help

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in reply to: jeffrey.wimer

This is should be easy but something strange with your emblem's mesh is not allowing the standard workflow to happen. Typically all you want to do is plane cut a cylinder to your dimensions and then make your emblem into a drag and drop meshmix part, then just drop on it the cylinder... but it keeps failing.


Creating meshmix parts to wrap these parts onto other objects was the original purpose of Meshmixer:


To make a custom part

  1. Import your emblem
  2. Select All>Convert To>Open Part
  3. Go to Meshmix>My Parts
  4. Drag and drop it and position your part onto the 1/4 cylinder

However this keeps failing, sometimes this happens if the mesh density is too big (my processing time for this was like 10 mins, I thought my computer was frozen and crashed, but no just took a long time). So I cleaned it up a bit: reduced the mesh density, remeshed, smoothed it, and plane cut some noise off from the boundary...


but it still failed. I'll play again with it later. But for now you give that a try, maybe its just my slow laptop. Just practice/experiment with some basic low density parts first.

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Capture1.PNG I managed to get the part drug over and it embedded into the curved surface, however the edges are still sticking out. Did i miss something? really appreciate the help. Capture2.PNG

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in reply to: jeffrey.wimer

That does not look warped at all, as a meshmix part should contour the surface. I think you did 'convert to solid' rather than 'open part'.


Open parts are what you need, but they often fail as there is something wrong with it that MM can't handle. I can make any other shape and get it to work, just not that one.


Gonna have to call in the big guns... @MagWeb ?

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Tried it again, made sure that it was converted to open part. Same result. Bugs in the machine?

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in reply to: jeffrey.wimer

I think some artifact in the mesh that is blocking MM from running its processes. I donno!

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Several issues on the mesh you're trying to convert to an open part.

1. Too high mesh density. You need to reduce the mesh density drastically. Otherwise dropping and dragging the part on the target mesh will be sloooow.

2. There are interior open boundaries. MESHMIX open parts do not support interior open boundaries. You need to fill the interior boundaries (e.g. using Inspector clicking the blue spheres pointing to the interior boundaries one by one)

3. There's a non manifold issue at the exterior open boundary (Inspector shows a red issue). To repair this do a PlaneCut next and parallel to the boundary. Use SELECT/Extrude  on the infill surface to give the needed  height again.

4. To avoid distortions its a good idea to add some surrounding brim. Run BooleanUnion to weld it to a plane object e.g. a MESHMIX/Primitives object.


I attach an OBJ to convert it to a part.


Ohne Titel.jpeg


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

You are so good. Ya I got your's working for me too (on a quarter cylinder):



I was trying the exact same steps too but I could never get the boolean union on the plane to work, was failing and distorting and I tried like 50 different boolean settings and extruding the emblem and smoothing, reducing, remeshing etc etc etc.... I just need to work on my magic touch.


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in reply to: hfcandrew

Would you be willing to send me the file? I am quite new to Meshmixer and am having a hard time working through this. TIA.



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in reply to: jeffrey.wimer

Yep np. See attached

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Thank you both for the help. Greatly appreciated.

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