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Your favorite Auto-Rigger?

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Your favorite Auto-Rigger?

I'm a 3D artist and have been spending a lot of time in ZBrush and Maya lately. I have taught myself to the basics of rigging a human from scratch just to learn the tools, but obviously that is extremely time consuming. I'm looking at auto-riggers, my biggest frustration being that my human character does not deform naturally, even with good weighting. Keeping that in mind, what is the fastest yet best looking auto-rigger out there? Advanced skeleton or mGear (or another)? Is there an industry standard? And any tips with scripts for the plugins would be great. Thank you all so much in advance!

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I would go with mGear or Hive.

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To get clean deformation you need a lot more work than a standard autorigger is doing.

You need something like Ziva. Or do a lot of blendshape work on top.


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