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XGen Painted mask can't create .ptx map. Searched Paths issues

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XGen Painted mask can't create .ptx map. Searched Paths issues


I have an issue when trying to save a painted mask in XGen.
I get an XGen Error which fails to create or find a folder that doesn't exist. 
I've tried to manually create the folder which Maya is trying to reference.  Then it is able to save a .ptx. But I have to do this for every paintmap I make.

Here is my process on a new Maya file.


Would anyone have ideas?


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in reply to: crocleco

Hi @crocleco 


Thanks for posting! Could you attach another error of the script editor? Due to the size of the image I am unable to read the text in the one that was posted 🙂 


Also, are you using (and setting) a Maya Project Folder? Xgen is heavily dependent on this workflow, so not using it would result in similar behavior 🙂 Lastly, are you working from a Dropbox (or similar) folder, or locally?


Thanks again for being a part of our community!

Jordan Giboney
Technical Solutions Engineer | Media & Entertainment
Installation & Licensing forums | Contact product support | Autodesk AREA

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in reply to: jordan.giboney

I'm using a project with no sync software attached. This is the setup.
Sorry, the image and format window is impossible to use here.

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in reply to: crocleco

no space in path and use lambert as material

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in reply to: crocleco


I am having a similar issue.

I have a collection with 2 existing descriptions both with mask files working correctly.

When I add a 3rd description to the existing collection and try to create a new map for the mask , I get this error:


// Error: XGen: Failed to find moustache/paintmaps/mask/head_geo.ptx //
// Error: XGen: Searched path includes:
E:/myStuff/maya_projects/Anderson/xgen/collections/hair/moustache/paintmaps/mask/head_geo.ptx (Part of path doesn't exist)
C:/Users/aryanh/Documents/xgen/moustache/paintmaps/mask/head_geo.ptx (Part of path doesn't exist)
D:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2022/plug-ins/xgen/presets/moustache/paintmaps/mask/head_geo.ptx (Part of path doesn't exist) //


Yes I am using the project workflow and everything else seems to be pointing correctly.



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in reply to: andedali

Thank you, I've changed the material on an object and forgot about it, after changing it back to lambert it fixed the issue for me.

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