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Xgen Interactive Groom - Reset angles/Normals

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Xgen Interactive Groom - Reset angles/Normals

I probably won't get much here... I didn't get any replies on Reddit. 😕


I'm having some trouble with the Twist Brush whilst using Xgen's Interactive Groom. I've been following this video for making and baking hair caps. This is my second attempt with this and the problem still keeps happening. Before exporting out my high and low hair caps for baking, I uncheck Face Camera, and then I use the Twist brush, making sure that Align to Surface is checked. Using the brush on a small portion of the hair I then hit Flood, but it still doesn't seem to get everywhere, and I end up missing something, which gives me a wonky Normal map bake.


Looking closely, I can see the sides are still darkened, which suggests they're flipped.



However, repeating the above steps doesn't seem to do anything. Even on the hair that's facing the right way. Unselecting Align to Surface does, but then that just confuses me as the hair keeps fading and re-appearing, and I'm still not sure if it's right. It doesn't look it.


Is there any way of resetting simulated hair back to its default position? Or an option to see what direction the Normals are facing?


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