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Xgen interactive Clumps on render farm

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Xgen interactive Clumps on render farm

Hi guys, need some help here. I´m using Interactive Xgen on a project, with linear wire and animated curves to guide the hair (curveToSpline). Rendering in one computer works fine, but the problem is, when I send to a render farm the clump nodes calculates differently for each computer. So each frame has a different clump shape, like a flickering of clumps. I know I can cache the descirption, but is too heavy and not good for the pipeline. I also know that I can bake using "transfer" but the result is not satisfatory, when the character moves the clump looses its power of stick the hairs together.  So, is there any way to make all computers in a render farm to read the clumps in the same way, without doing caches or tranfers? (using maya 2020)

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Hello @mauriciodal22 ,


can you please check the suggestions in this article: Xgen Hair is flickering when rendered on a render farm with Arnold in Maya.


Hope this helps!

Best regards,


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